Battlefield 4 Beta on PC: Windows 8 vs Windows 7 Performance, No Stuttering, Increase in FPS and More


Battlefield 4 beta is available for select few gamers across the globe on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. In this post we will be talking about Battlefield 4 beta on PC.

Battlefield 4Reddit user has just a performance comparison of Battlefield 4 beta on PC using Windows 8 and Windows 7. Here is full observation of “Mr_SHME”:

“You can see that Windows 8 has increased both my fps and the stuttering is completely gone when I play. To test I just ran a 60 sec benchmark using fraps on a round of domination. Not the most scientifically accurate but it gets a clear message across. These tests where all run with all settings on “low” or “off”, 1080p, and FOV at 80″