Battlefield 4 Dev On PS4/Xbox One: Hardware Differences, Easy For Development and Favorite Among Two


Battlefield 4 is one of the most anticipated games for both next and current generation of consoles. Battlefield 4 will arrive alongside PS4 and Xbox One and the internet is overflowing with clashes between fans of each of the new machines.

Battlefield 4The deciding factor is definitely going to be a multiplatform game as it will be analyzed by fans and critics across the globe by means of pixel vs pixel, frame vs frame and many other similar factor.

But what Battlefield 4 developer DICE thinks about these next-gen gaming consoles and which one is their favourite among PS4 and Xbox One?.

A DICE rep (who wished to remain anonymous) recently talked to portuguese website on these topic. You can read below, what exactly this DICE Rep said (translated):

It is recognized by itself the difference between the new consoles regarding their hardware? The game will be visible this difference?

We are still in a process of adaptation and what I can say is that it’s such a big difference in practice as one that is on paper, but in the long term, developing the tools we have and knowing the best hardware, this difference may increase depends many factors that currently are not being counted.
It’s faster to achieve the performance goals we want a more powerful Harware, is called brute force and get them to achieve a higher technical level without even walking to lose time optimization, on the other side and use our engine concrete features each of them the best we can but we still have much to do until the game is ready, is all I can say.

Attending to differences between them, which is more complicated to develop?

Honestly I do not think it’s complicated to develop for any of them. Both are excellent tools, the features are very similar to PCs but still there is a lot of customization within the machines made by both brands. The console from Microsoft is the one that is more personalized and requires a greater initial period of habituation, but in our case, and specifically with our engine has become easier to achieve good levels of opitmização it.

What is your favorite console between the two?

The PS4! Simply because I can buy it locally in my country.

You can read full interview HERE.