Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth Maps names and assignment list leaked


A brand new DCL, Dragon’s Teeth, of the Battlefield 4 game from the Battlefield series. According to the recent leaks there are four maps and a new game mode in Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth. The new mode which the game offers is called ‘Chainlink’ mode. These leaks also revealed the assignments of Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth.

Battlefield 4:Dragon’s Teeth will have Sunken Dragon, Propaganda, Pearl Market, and Lumphini Garden as four new multiplayer maps. Developer DICE LA has also confirmed they will release Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth gameplay footage in this week.

As a treat to Battlefield fans, here is the first look of Battlefield 4:Dragon’s Teeth cover image:

Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth

Check out the full list of Assignments below:

Unica 6

  • Do something at a specific point on Map X (not in a round)
  • Get 5 kills while swimming (not in a round)


  • Kill 10 Supports as Assault (not in a round)
  • Kill 10 Engineers as Assault (not in a round)
  • Kill 10 Recons as Assault (not in a round)


  • Obtain 2 PDW Ribbons (not in a round)
  • Form a New Link in Chainlink 10 times (not in a round)
  • Follow 10 Squad Orders (not in a round)


  • Obtain 2 Sniper Rifle Ribbons (not in a round)
  • 10 Squad Beacon Spawns on your beacon (not in a round)
  • 20 Spot Assists (not in a round)

Ballistic Shield

  • Obtain 5 Savior Kills (not in a round)
  • Obtain 20 Suppression Assists (not in a round)
  • Destroy 3 Explosives (not in a round)

Equipment 1

  • Obtain 10 Flag Attacks (not in a round)
  • Obtain 10 Flag Defenses (not in a round)
  • Obtain 25 Kills using Shotguns (not in a round)

Equipment 2

  • Destroy 1 Vehicle with the EOD BOT (not in a round)
  • Obtain 5 Kills using the MAARS (not in a round)
  • Obtain 10 Kills using Helicopters (not in a round)
  • Spot 20 Enemies with the MAV (not in a round)

Desert Eagle

  • Obtain 20 Headshots using the Unica6 (not in a round)

Assignment 9

  • Kill 10 Enemies while under Suppression (not in a round)
  • Break 30 Links in Chain link (not in a round)
  • Do something at a specific point on Map X (not in a round)

Assignment 10

  • Spend 10 hours on Dragon’s Teeth maps (possibly one specific one)
  • Obtain 100 kills on Dragon’s Teeth maps (possibly one specific one)