Battlefield 4 Free For PS3 Owners With PS Plus Subscription On May 27 For 20 Hours


Sony knows how to keep Playstation community happy. The firm has just announced via Playstation Blog that DICE’s Battlefield 4 will be available for free to all Playstation Plus subscribers on Playstation 3.

“PS3 owners with a PlayStation Plus membership in North America can experience DICE’s action shooter for free. A trial version of Battlefield 4 will be available for download starting tomorrow, May 27th, on the PlayStation Store.”

Battlefield 4

This trail version will feature full Battlefield 4 main game and will be available for 20 playable hours and the timing will be counted from the moment you start playing.

To download this free trail version of Battlefield 4, all PS3 with PS Plus subscribers need to do is, head to PlayStation Store, search for Battlefield 4, and locate the trial version.

Now if you ask me why you should waste 20 hours of you life playing Battlefield 4 tomorrow. Here are the reasons:

  • Intense Multiplayer: Nothing compares to the scale and scope of Battlefield 4’s multiplayer. Enjoy the all-time classic Conquest or Rush modes, plant a bomb in Obliteration, or show your skills in the fast-paced world of Domination.
  • Vehicle Warfare: Tanks, boats, jets, and helis — the vehicular warfare delivers all that you need to dominate multiplayer matches.
  • Destruction: Change the face of battle with levolution and experience destruction both big and small. Take down an entire skyscraper or kill the lights in a building to shroud your enemy in darkness.
  • Stunning Visuals: The Frostbite 3 engine ensures breath-taking vistas and total immersion in the varied sceneries you’ll encounter in the game.
  • Only in Battlefield 4: The dynamic multiplayer gameplay ensures that no two matches are the same. Whether you’re parachuting down to an enemy control point or attaching C4 to a tank, unpredictable Battlefield moments will keep you on the edge of your seat.