Battlefield 4: New Photorealistic and Ultra Setting Screens and Access to Hidden Assignments Page


Battlefield 4 beta is in full swing and some brand new screens from it has arrived on internet, the first part showcase PhotoRealistic graphics, whereas the second part was taken at Ultra Setting with 200% scaling.

Battlefield 4In addition to these, there’s also an image showcasing how to access the hidden assignments page. Take a look at all these images below.

Some Photorealistic BF4 Screenshots

Battlefield 4 Screenshots on ultra with 200% scaling, here’s the results.

Battlefield 4: How to access the hidden assignments page:

About Hidden Assignment Page finding, Reddit user has this to say: “You could see there was a assignments tab in one of the blog posts and at the end of the game you could see your assignments progress and I noticed the awards page had the url awards and the battlepacks page had the url battlepacks so I tried assignments and it worked.”

Battlefield 4 Hidden Assignment Page