Battlefield 4: Online Petition Started Demading EA/DICE To Add BattleRecorder


An online petition has been started demanding addition of BattleRecorder in Battlefield 4, the next installment in popular FPS series, Battlefield.

Battlefield 4The petition argues that “BattleRecorder in Battlefield 4 would be a fantastic addition to the game for all parties involved. Different groups of people would benefit immensley: Average gamers, Movie Makers, Competitive Gamers and DICE / EA”

“As well as this, It would help anti cheat measures and it would also promote the game for EA/DICE therefore selling more copies and increasing the player base.”

The footage below is also included as the argument, it showcase Battlerecorder Presentation:

At the time of writing, this petition has received “7317” signatures, if you want to see BattleRecorder in Battlefield 4, support this petition by Signing it HERE.