Battlefield 4 PC Gets Server Update R11, Fixes Crash And Infinite Mortar Exploit, Changelog Revelaed


DICE has just released a brand new server update (Server Update R11) for Battlefield 4. It fixes random crash issue and also removes infinite mortar exploit.

Battlefield 4“We are roling out a new server update on PC with some minor tweaks and a crash fix. Full change list below. We are also aiming to have a new PC game update live next week.” said DICE on Battlelog

The changelog of Battlefield 4 Server Update R11 is listed below. This update is live only on PC and is expected to arrive soon on other platforms.


  • Fixed a common server crash
  • Fixed an exploit where a player could get unlimited ammo on mortars by redeploying them
  • Fixed an issue where your score displayed in the scoreboard was cut in half during double xp events
  • Removed the possibility for server admins to kick players on official servers by using PunkBuster
  • Game mode counter can now be set up to 400% for Ranked servers and 500% for Unranked servers. In addition, idle time out can now be set up to 86 400 (24 hours) for both server types