Battlefield 4 Pre-load Exact Timing Revealed: Updated


We all know that DICE and EA will allow players to pre-load Battlefield 4, now details regarding exact pre-load timing has arrived.

Battlefield 4Battlefield 4 will launch on October 29, however pre-load will start on October 26 exactly at 9:00 AM PDT.

This timing doesn’t match with the official announcement: “Is your pre-order for #bf4 locked? Origin pre-orders will have access to pre-load the game within 24 hours of launch”

Take a look at the Chat Transcript between a reddit user and Origin Customer Service Executive.

Battlefield 4 Pre-load

Here is another proof that Battlefield 4 pre-load will begin few days before release and not 24 hours before release:

This following image was shared by “notimeforname” from Bulgaria. For him this Battlefield 4 pre-load time translate to “11pm CEST on October 28”

Battlefield 4 Pre-load

Let us know in the comment section below pre-load time of Battlefield 4 in your region.


We have just received an update from our reader Mukesh that Battlefield 4 pre-load in Germany will begin on Oct 28 at 11 AM