Battlefield 4 PS4 Version Gets New Patch, Fixes Client Crash And Add Conquest Mode


DICE and EA are currently deploying a brand new patch for Playstation 4 version of Battlefield 4 to fix out nasty client crash issue that players were experiencing from past couple of days.

Battlefield 4In a message on Battlelog, DICE stated: “We are working on the conquest bug too and will release the patch for that when the fix is ready. This fix will address a client crash, the second most common one at that. So hopefully you will notice less crashes when the servers have updated.”

As seen above, DICE didn’t clearly stated whether much sought after Conquest mode will be available or not, but according to few reports we received from our readers and readers our Reddit, its already available for few.

Reddit user snuxoll stated: “HOLY CRAP, IT WORKS! I just got into a 64-player conquest match. Server 11372 could use some reinforcements for all interested :)”

Another Reddit user Tgtt10 stated: “Just joined a conquest large by joining a friend who was playing!”