Battlefield 4 Won’t Use Xbox One’s Compute Cloud Servers From Day One confirms DICE


Battlefield 4 on Xbox One won’t make use of Microsoft’s Xbox Live Compute, a cloud-powered service that offers developers dedicated servers and the ability to offload various computations to the cloud to beef up performance, as per the details revealed by Executive Producer for Battlefield Serie, Patrick Bach.

Battlefield 4In an interview to VideoGamer, Bach was asked “Whether or not Battlefield 4 on Xbox One will make use of most talked about Microsoft’s Xbox Live Compute?.

To this Bach replied: “Not from day one. The reasons for that are multiple,”

“We started this project before these plans were locked down, so we didn’t dare fiddle too much with it. Also, we’re not Xbox One exclusive, so we needed a solution that would work on all platforms. We’re on five platforms, so we need something that’s Battlefield, not Xbox One.”

Battlefield 4 is one of the launch title of Xbox One and will arrive alongside console on November 22 in 13 countries.