EA: New Battlefield Game Will Be Released In 2018, Battlefield 5?


Electronic Arts at their investor call talked about some of the big games that are in development using the Frostbite Engine. EA CEO Andrew Wilson firstly confirmed that a new Battlefield game (possible title Battlefield 5) will be released in 2018. No details were provided on the settings. The only thing that was confirmed: it is powered by new Frostbite Engine. In addition to this, Andrew Wilson revealed that a total of 12 games are in development at using the Frostbite engine.

New Battlefield Game Confirmed For 2018

Andrew also talked about Star Wars game that is currently in development at Visceral Games (watch first glimpse of it in the trailer below). It is an action adventure game set in the Star Wars universe. Amy Hennig, who worked at Naughty Dog on Uncharted series as a Lead Writer, is working on the project as a Creative Director. In short, it’s a Star Wars Games – Visceral Games – Amy Hennig – Frostbite Engine. Is there anything that can stop it from being a big success?

This is probably the best period for Electronic Arts, especially after they have made Frostbite Engine is the only thing for all AAA video game development – Bioware’s Anthem, FIFA 18, Madden, new Battlefield, Star Wars from Visceral, Star Wars Battlefront II, and many others.