Battlefield Bad Company 3 – All The Leaked Details At One Place


It has been a while since there have been any rumors regarding new Battlefield games. As Battlefield 1 was a success, EA decided to take a break in the year 2017, by not releasing any new BF game but, utilizing the year by improving upon the existing BF1.

Battlefield Bad Company 3 - What We Know So Far

But, it seems the year gap is coming to an end as a new title in the Battlefield franchise has been leaked which Bad Company 3 and is expected to launch in 2018. The leaks game in the form of a video, from a trusted source i.e., AlmightyDaq whose leaks and predictions about previous Battlefield games have been true. So, considering his reputation it is safe to assume that the new Battlefield game will be the much awaited Bad Company 3.

So far what we know, thanks to AlmightyDaq is, that like the previous installments in the Bad Company series, the time period of BC3 will be set in mid and post-Vietnam conflict. The storyline of the game will be connected to the cold war and the game’s storyline will follow an independent narration which won’t be historically accurate.

As the game is set in the Cold war era, the guns and vehicles will be of the semi-modern kind used during the Cold war and Vietnam conflict era. The game will be following the path of Battlefield 4 in case of weapon customization which is pretty robust as compared to the simple approach seen in BF1. Same can be said in case of the vehicle and character customization. As the game will be set in the 1970s, modern tanks, LAVs, assault cars with helicopters and planes will be seen. Which will surely please a lot of BF fans who are expecting something in the lines of BF4?

Now, coming to the gameplay type and maps. According to AlmightyDaq, EA is focusing on tighter maps with close-quarter to mid-range combat. The feel and essence of the game will be close to the maps like Grand Bazar, which relied on cover-based gameplay instead of all-out war.

As for game modes, we can expect to see all of the staple modes like Conquest, Rush, Capture the Flag, Domination, and TDM, along with a 5v5 mode similar to Squad obliteration. The game modes will have the Assault, Support, Recon and En0gineer character kits, similar to BF4.

The game is expected to be a lot closer to the Battlefield 4 or 3 in terms of gameplay pace and map settings, which was not the case in BF Hardline or BF 1. As of now, there are no confirmations about micro-transactions. Let’s EA learns from the Battlefront 2 controversy and makes it more like the old Battlefield 4.

Let’s hope for the best as the Battlefield Bad Company 3 has been a long-awaited game in the Battlefield franchise and not to mention it has the best storylines.