Battlefield WWII and Battlefield Bad Company 3 In The Works


If you are an eager Battlefield fan and have been keeping up with our news feed, then you must have read the recent news about the next, 2018 Battlefield game which was rumored to be Battlefield Bad Company 3. And, this leak was provided by a Battlefield Youtuber by the name of AlmightyDaq.

Battlefield Bad Company 3 - What You Need To Know

Now, Eurogamer did their own research from their end and had contacted DICE regarding a new Bad Company game in their franchise. And he was told that DICE do have a plan for a Bad Company 3 game however, they are not currently developing that game.

As Eurogamer informed this to AlmightyDaq, he replied that the Bad Company 3 game is the responsibility of DICE LA, and he had leaked that information. He further added to it by saying that he is aware of two Battlefield games, the second one being Battlefield WWII of DICE Sweden about which his next video is.

Coming to AlmightyDaq’s second video, in the video, he initially talks about the huge amount of criticism his video about BF: BC3 received. Keeping that fact aside he also mentions that the Battlefield game which DICE Sweden is developing is a continuation of Battlefield 1, maybe a sequel. He continues by saying that, DICE Sweden will expand upon what made BF1 great and transition it to a World War 2 atmosphere. Unlike the Bad Company 3 map rumors, this WW2 Battlefield is said to have huge, destructible maps just like BF1 offered. In addition to that, he also talks about the nomenclature of the World War 2 based Battlefield game.

From what it seems there are two Battlefield games that we are somewhat confirmed to see i.e. Bad Company 3 and World War 2. Currently, Bad Company 3 is out of the picture for 2018, but there are chances that the 2018 Battlefield game might be the BF1 sequel.

So, let’s keep our fingers crossed and see what the future holds.