Dev: Star Wars Battlefront II Singleplayer Campaign 5-7 Hours Long

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Star Wars: Battlefront II is a sequel to the 2015’s Star Wars: Battlefront from DICE. One of the major change that has been made in Star Wars: Battlefront II is the addition of single-player campaign. The initial reveal of the single-player campaign in Battlefront II was very well received by the fans of the series, however, at that time there were no words on how much longer it is going to last i.e. Campaign Length. With the game being just a few weeks away from release, Motive Studios (one of the studios that collaborated with DICE for the development of Battlefront II) has revealed the Campaign Length.

Star Wars: Battlefront II Singleplayer Campaign

Speaking to our friend at PressStartAU, Motive Studios’ David Robillard revealed that Battlefront II single-player campaign is going to last for 5-7 hours. “We thought that around 5-7, maybe 8 hours is probably a good amount of time…we wanted to stay very driven towards the Star Wars fantasy that the players are going to experience and not have it be drawn out,” said David Robillard.

In addition to this, Robillard also talked about whether there will be a free story-related DLC, he replied that it all depends on how the reception of the single-player campaign. “We’re not ready to announce anything at this time, we’ll see based on the reception the single player has if we offer free DLC or not.”

Star Wars: Battlefront II is scheduled to launch on November 17 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.