EA Quietly Reduced Star Wars Battlefront II Campaign Reward From 20K Credits To 5K Credits

It seems like Electronic Arts is in no mood to settle the Star Wars Battlefront II Unlock Hero controversy once and for all. There was a massive backlash from fans when it was discovered that in order to unlock a hero in Star Wars Battlefront II, players will have to spend in-game credits – 60000 Credits for Luke and the worst part was that to earn this 60K credits, players will have to play the game at least for 40 hours. The fans outrage surrounding this was massive and it forced Electronic Arts to reduced the hero unlock credit requirements by a margin of 75%.

Star Wars Battlefront II Campaign Credit Reward Reduced

Many of you thought that Electronic Arts has learned the lesson and has fixed the major concern of the Battlefront community. On paper, everything looks perfect, but in reality, it is not. Apart from reducing the credit requirements to unlock a hero, Electronic Arts also reduced a number of Credits that players would have got after completing the single-player campaign – it has been brought to our notice by multiple media outlets that EA has reduced Battlefront II campaign completing reward from 20000 Credits to 5000 Credits.

Our friend at Stevivor (popular gaming website in Australia) stated that an EA representative has confirmed to them that due to the recent change in the Character Unlock Credit Requirements – EA has decided to also reduce the campaign completion reward to 5000 Credits. You guys can check out the tweet below.

“Further to this, an EA representative has just confirmed with Stevivor that the reward has been reduced to 5,000 Credits as a result of a reduction in in-game character unlock fees.”

This same thing has been confirmed by our friend at GameInformer – Andrew Reiner stated this in a post titled as ” Where’s Our Star Wars Battlefront II Review?”

“Due to last-second changes to Star Wars Battlefront II’s hero costs, I decided to hold my review, and won’t post it until I have a firm grasp on the new flow of the game. Electronic Arts clearly heard the uproar from the gaming community about the inflated costs of heroes and slashed their prices by 75 percent. This is not a small tweak. It completely changes my take on the game – moving from an evil time sink to potentially reasonable. I need to dive back into all of the modes to see if any other changes were made.

For instance, during my review, completing the campaign earned players a unique loot crate that contained 20,000 credits. That reward is now 5,000 credits. A big change. What else is different? I need to find out. One thing I hope EA is addressing is Arcade rewards; after completing five challenges, I was alerted that I could no longer earn credits in this mode and that more would be available in 14 hours.”

These negative publicity is surely going to hit the sales of Star Wars Battlefront II. No publisher would like to have such a massive backlash from the community (including Death Threats to developers) just a few days ahead of the launch. In Battlefront II scenario, Electronic Arts got all the power to get things in control, but issues such as the one mention above are making things worse for EA, DICE, and Star Wars Battlefront video game franchise.