Begin a Life of Grind in Life is Feudal: MMO


We played Life is Feudal: Your Own well over a year ago during the height of the survival – crafting – base-building rush of early access titles. What set this game apart was a deep skill system that required players to specialize in certain areas and work together as a community in order to have any hope of establishing a small village, let alone a fortress with a standing army. The folks at Bitbox have been hard at work on an MMO version of Life is Feudal, which will do away with small, stand-alone servers that would suffer when player counts dropped.

Life is Feudal: MMO Open Beta

After many delays and long wait times, the MMO Open Beta is finally upon us. Bitbox had to push back the release at the last minute due to a rather ugly bug, but it appears that they’re now able to commit to the following release times.

Begin a Life of Grind in Life is Feudal: MMO
LiF MMO Release Times@LifeisFeudal • Fair Use

As you can see from the release schedule above, gamers who have purchased from a variety of Believer packs will be able to get started ahead of everyone else. Why is this important? In a world where resources and location for your camp are key to survival, getting a head start on the land rush will certainly be beneficial.

The official start of the Open Beta isn’t until November 18th, at which point even owners of the Life is Feudal: Your Own version will get free access to try the MMO version. That’s a nice gesture for those of us that quite enjoyed that version but stopped playing it when the stand-alone servers lost their player population, as so inevitably happens.

For those of you that haven’t heard of Life is Feudal before, do check out the trailer below and consider giving it a closer look. The game has a lot potential but falls short of achieving it if the player base isn’t large enough.

Personally I’m tempted to give the MMO a try and see how things have progressed since the last time I played. Perhaps it’ll be easier to raise farm animals now, because the gruesome dung-disasters of 2015 still haunt my memories!