Bethesda On Skyrim Special Edition Price Complaints: “Buy It, Don’t Buy It, It’s Your Money”


People keeps stressing poor guy Pete Hines on Twitter about Skyrim: Special Edition’s price. He’s the marketing VP at Bethesda, so it’s fine to stress him but, after he explained you the reasons why the remaster is going to ship at $60 (and we reported in early news), there’s not so much he can add to that argument.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

Anyway, there’s still someone who’s searching for an explanation or an excuse to complain, and putting pressure on Bethesda, in order to have the game at a cheaper price or for free as it will happen on PC for Legendary Edition’s owners.

Hines clearly admitted “I don’t know what you’re looking for from me. It costs $60. Buy it, don’t buy it… it’s your money”

Regarding mods space limit, he added that “it’s up to console folks how much space a game is allocated”. At the moment, on Fallout 4 there’s a space limit of 2GB in place, but Bethesda and Microsoft already let know that this is something that will be changed if needed in the future.

Skyrim: Special Edition is releasing this October for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Yes, it will cost $60 and it looks like you can’t do anything to change that. Sorry.