“Beware of GTA V Asset and Info Leaks” says Rockstar Games

Image via Rockstar Games

The biggest of this decade, Grand Theft Auto V is just a week away from its official release, and Rockstar Games has warned GTA community to beware of inevitable game info and asset leaks which is expected to arrive on internet in the rup up to GTA V launch.

Rockstar Games via their official Newswire asked fans not to discuss or post any spoiler elements related to game. Rockstar wrote, “Now that we’re within a week of game release, there’s bound to be some inevitable game info and asset leaks.”

“As always per Rule no.1 above the Comment Box, we have a strict policy against posting or discussing such things here on our own site. Anyone posting about leaked assets or info will have their comment removed and repeat offenders will have their commenting privileges revoked.”

This warning comes from Rockstar Games a day after the official GTA V map was leaked on internet by someone who got access to game’s official strategy guide early.

GTA V arrives on retail shelves on September 17, 2013 for PS3 and Xbox 360.