Creative Director Michel Ancel Shares First Gameplay Video of Beyond Good and Evil 2

Beyond Good and Evil 2 has stunned many at E3 2017 launch, the first trailer took to us to a multi-cultural distinctive world of human’s and human hybrids. We had seen a few characters at the beginning and a large space ship which is on a mission to hunt moksha.

Beyond Good And Evil 2

Now Creative Director Michel Ancel tells us more about the in-game engine Voyager. In the demo you will see the 400 meter long mother ship which is the default head quarter. The ship can be used to keep smaller one inside that can carry one or two crew members. Talking about the gameplay mechanics he showed the control of monkey character using a flying jet pack.

Players will require gathering money to buy vehicles that can be earned by side quest like pizza delivery. The entire spaceship is playable where players can explore various things like slavery, human trafficking, etc. Players can also click pictures and share that picture with others to trigger discussions in the game. The game has massive scale where players can explore many things. You can check out the full video below.