Development Of Beyond Good and Evil 2 Is Not Yet Started

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is announced at E3 2017, with mere a gameplay trailer. This game is vast, something like GTA in space and it also allows you to create your own custom character. The game trailer was pretty amazing that shows an entirely new world, but there is one news coming up which says this game is in Day-Zero in development.

Beyond Good Evil 2

This simply means the development has not yet started. The release date was not confirmed at E3 2017, it was pointing towards next year for release, still as there is no indication when the development is going to start. Many are looking forward to know more about the gameplay as it is promising high through the trailer.

Michael Ancel describes while talking to The Verge the game is right now in day zero of development, but he ensure that Ubisoft will make and finish this game.

Source: The Verge