BioShock 2 Widescreen Problem


The saying “History Repeats itself” comes true in the case BioShock 2 for PC. The problem which was arise in the first release of Bio Shock for the PC version has arise again. The PC version of the game Bio Shock 2 has yet again render in a aspect ratio of 4:3 in place of a aspect ratio of 16:9.

Basically in simple terms you can say that Bio Shock has once again cut some portion from upper and lower side of a 4:3 aspect ratio image so that it can be view as a 16:9 aspect ratio because of this PC gamers of Bio Shock 2 see their screen blackout from the upper and lower side and stretch from left and right side.

This has made the PC user of Bio Shock 2 very frustrated as they get to face the problem once again, but more important things is that they are shock to find that the developers of Bio Shock 2 has shown such a careless nature.

The developers of Bio Shock 2 on this said that this is just a bug and a patch to fix this problem is in the development