BioShock: The Collection Game Breaking Bug: Here’s How To Fix It On PS4

It seems BioShock: The Collection has a game breaking bug, as reported by users on Reddit in the hope to have 2K Games publishing a patch to fix it. From the looks of it, this bug gets activated when people press the PlayStation Button on PS4 only.

BioShock: The Collection

“The game often freezes after pressing the PS Button. Whether it’s to check trophies or see who’s in your Party, my game has frozen on me 3 times now. Unacceptable. This should not go unnoticed and it should definitely be patched ASAP,” DAEwatchthegiraffes said on Reddit.

“The only way to be safe is to pause your game first, save, then press PS button, or just save extremely frequently as pressing the PS button can be rather instinctual.”

Other users claim this issue is not only coming when you press the PlayStation Button, but also when pausing the game and leaving it inactive for a couple of minutes. Which is rather absurd, we must say.

We really hope 2K Games can do something quickly to bring things to normality as BioShock is a great franchise and sure deserves more than this. Have you encountered some issues, anyway? Let us know in the comments below.