BioShock: The Collection PS4/XB1 Screenshots Leaked, Comparison With PC Port Confirms Graphics Improvement


The first batch of BioShock: The Collection screenshots has been leaked ahead of its official announcement from 2K Games. This special BioShock Collection has been rumored for a very long time, multiple rating boards across the globe leaked its existence (Brazil Board in Feb 2016, Taiwan Board in March 2016 and ESRB in April 2016).

BioShock: The Collection

These screenshots were discovered on the GameSpot’s Server. You can check them out below. The first set is a comparison screenshots showcasing graphics and visuals improvement (First Image: BioShock: The Collection vs BioShock PC version)

BioShock-The-Collection_screenshot-1.jpg original-bioshock-pc-screenshot.jpg

Here are the other BioShock: The Collection leaked screenshots. Expect an official announcement from 2K Games later this week.

BioShock-The-Collection_screenshot-2.jpg BioShock-The-Collection_screenshot-3.jpg BioShock-The-Collection_screenshot-4.jpg BioShock-The-Collection_screenshot-5.jpg BioShock-The-Collection_screenshot-6.jpg BioShock-The-Collection_screenshot-7.jpg BioShock-The-Collection_screenshot-8.jpg