Bioware Confirms Anthem Beta For Xbox One

Bioware at E3 2017 announced their brand new IP called Anthem. The developer showed an impressive looking gameplay demo which gave us the first look some of the gameplay mechanics. If you would ask me to rate the reveal of Bioware’s Anthem – it would give it a 10/10, but still many in the gaming community were not all the impressive with the first look. How can Bioware and EA convince them? The best thing would to be to get the Anthem beta available before the launch of the game.

Bioware's Anthem Beta

The good news is that Bioware is thinking exactly this way. In a recent Twitter conversation with a fan, a developer from Bioware named Jonathan Warner confirmed that there will be an Anthem beta before the full release. However, no details were revealed on the release window of the beta. When asked about it, Jonathan Warner replied: “Remember, we are still a distance out. Too soon for details but will provide more when the time is right.”

Bioware’s Anthem is an action RPG set in the open world environment. Players take on the role of a freelancer and the will don a customizable exosuits called Javelins. It will be possible for players to customizable these Javelins with new deadly weapons and superhuman abilities. The demo that was showcased at E3 2017 featured two classes of Javelin – Ranger, and Colossus. If you missed out on the demo then watch it below now.

Electronic Arts have signed a marketing deal with Microsoft for Xbox. This deal is said to be similar to what Activision and Sony have for Destiny video game franchise. Many critics and analysts have stated that BioWare’s Anthem is going to be Microsoft’s Destiny. Do you agree? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.