BioWare Doing “Progress” On Its “Secret IP” Releasing After Mass Effect Andromeda


BioWare is working on a brand new IP and this sure is not a secret – they even wore a t-shirt with some references about it no one notice at GDC 2016, as they revealed in a later series of tweets. Anyway, we have today some progresses to share about it, so here we go.

Bioware's New IP

Writer Jay Watamaniuk has indeed unveiled on Twitter the developer headquartered in Canada is doing some “progress” on its “secret IP” as “things are getting approved”.

So, based on this very quick and undetailed report, it seems Electronic Arts has greenlit the project and allowed BioWare to keep working on it – it seems there won’t be any obstacle from now on, although the other new IP from BioWare, Shadow Realms, even debuted in a public booth at Gamescom and was later canceled.

Then this could be nothing to be happy about but, again, it is always good to see a project from such popular and beloved software house going on. Maybe we’ll hear more about it at E3 2017, once Mass Effect Andromeda has finally shipped, or perhaps it’ll be too early even by that time. Who knows.