Black Friday Deal on Corsair K70 Mechanical Keyboard


If you’re a PC gamer like myself, or you spend a lot of time on your computer, you know that having the right keyboard is a big plus. This is why a deal on the Corsair K70 Lux RGB Mechanical Keyboard jumped out at me while I was doing some Black Friday shopping on Amazon. You see, that’s the exact keyboard that I use as a writer and PC gamer, so a big discount means that I can snag myself a new one, something that I like to do about once a year.

Corsair K70 Mechanical Keyboard

Black Friday Deal on Corsair K70 Mechanical Keyboard
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It’s true that Corsair has newer models than the K70. The K95 comes to mind. I’ve owned one of those, too, but I didn’t find any use for all the extra keys. Sure, some gamers would really dig the options, but I found that the extra-large size of the keyboard wasn’t a sufficient trade for having keys G1 to G18. I’d rather have the extra desk space, and the K70 was much cheaper at the time.

When it comes to the K70 that’s currently listed on Amazon, there’s one area that I don’t agree with, and that is the description that it is tactile and quiet. For me it’s the opposite. The K70 that I own, and this one appears to be identical, is as loud and clickity-clackity as any keyboard I’ve ever used. The thing is, I really like that, but it’s worth noting because you might be looking for something that is actually tactile and quiet, and this is not.

I’m also a fan of the Corsair Utility Engine software that you can download to work with your K70, if you indeed choose to pick one up. You can fully customize the lighting on the keyboard, although I dig blue, so I just went with a solid blue. Maybe I’ll get crazy one day and try a rain effect, although static works just fine for now. I fear change.

You can grab the Corsair K70 Mechanical Keyboard for $107.99 USD on Amazon. That is $52 USD off the regular price. If you’re in Canada, like myself, the sale price of the Corsair K70 is $149.98 CAD from its original listing of $219.99 CAD. That’s $70.01 off the normal price, although it still feels like somehow Canada is still getting screwed.

The K70, even discounted, might not be for everyone. It might still be outside of your budget. But, if you’re in the market and you enjoy mechanical keyboards with a crisp feel and loud feedback, the Corsair K70 Mechanical Keyboard deal currently on Amazon is worth investigating.