Black Ops III Patch 1.06 Pre vs Post Comparison Screenshots Shows Graphical Bugs On Xbox One

Treyarch recently released patch 1.06 for Call of Duty: Black Ops III Xbox One version. The update carried fix for numerous issues in the game, improves gameplay and many other things. You can read full Black Ops III Patch 1.06 changelog now. One Reddit user has shared some comparison screenshots of Black Ops III Patch 1.06 Pre vs Post (Hunted Map) showcasing graphics and visuals differences.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

You can check out the comparison screenshots below. For those who can’t figure out the graphical differences from the screenshots, look at the rocks in the first image. The reflections and shading are effed up. Also, the waterfall looks terrible in the third image.

In my opinion, this is less likely to be an intended graphical change from the development team at Treyarch and more of a visual bug. On Twitter, PCDev has given an assurance that they are working on the fix. In addition to this, there is also some visual glitches that are related to Shadow and Lighting in Zombies as well. This is a widespread issue, but gamers are noticing it more in Hunted map due to its vibrant setting.

What are you take on this? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.

black-ops-III-patch-106-pre-vs-post-comparison-1.png black-ops-III-patch-106-pre-vs-post-comparison-2.png