Blizzard goes in on Star Wars Battlefront II in a series of tweets


EA has been facing a massive amount of backlash from fans over the methods through which characters are unlocked in Star Wars Battlefront II

The ability to play as the franchise’s heroes and fan-favorite characters is locked behind a microtransaction wall that requires players to spend in-game credits. The only problem is, the time it takes to earn the credits required spans hours and hours of time spent in-game. For example, it could take up to 40 hours of playtime to afford just one character—which anyone can agree is a mind-boggling amount of time for one unlock.

Accordingly, the company has been the focus of vitriol from all sides over the past couple of days, causing a response from the EA community staff to become the most downvoted in the history of the site. 

While EA has responded to fan backlash by reducing the prices of heroes by 75%, that still hasn’t appeased most players, as the grind to 

Some fans, however, still aren’t satisfied, as the fervor rages on. Now, Blizzard is getting in on the fun, as the company posted several tweets both bringing attention to the fact that one of its most popular games, StarCraft II, is now available to play for free on PC via, and shading the competition at the same time.  

EA has yet to respond to Blizzard’s tweets, also known colloquially as “shots fired,” but when you take a step back and look at the situation, it’s hard to fathom what kind of response the company could produce that fans wouldn’t laugh in the face of.

Perhaps EA will actually learn a lesson from this going forward.