Bloodborne Players Annoyed With “Death In Co-op Resets Your World/Progress”, Asks Dev A Patch Fix


It is said that helping others in any situation is a very humble thing to do, but does this apply to the Co-op of PS4 Bloodborne?

Recently Bloodborne players have discovered that if you die while helping other players in Bloodborne, you will have your own Bloodborne world reset and all the progress vanished into thin air.


To be able to help other players in co-op you need ten insights and resonating bell, if you wish help, find the messenger in the fountain located at the house in the Hunters Dream. Now when you want to join someone the bell will start to resonate and you will automaticly reach the host.

Here are some of the responses from Reddit users when they found out about this unfortunate feature in Bloodborne

I was pi$$ed off because it surprised me, but it’s not like the staff was unaware of the other souls games. I guess it was a design decision at some point?

I have a feeling they’ll eventually patch this out, cause it’s genuinely terrible. You shouldn’t be punished that severely when you’re trying to help others.

Boss fight I was helping with is a failure. I spawn back at the last f$#@!~g lamp with everything in between me and the boss again. So, not being returned “in media res” is a new thing, co-op-wise. Co-op incurs the risk of losing your progress.

Tell us in the comment section guys, would you like From Software to “Fix” the world reset if boss fight in co-op is a failure?