Bloodborne PS4 Secret Feature Discovered: “Leaving Tip To Other Players Actually Save Your Life”


Reddit user yumepinguin has discovered a secret that could save your life in Bloodborne, Hidetaka Miyazaki latest that received a 9/10 review on Gamepur. If you leave a tip to other gamers and those gamers rate it well, your life bar suddenly gets back to the maximum, no matter where you are and what you are doing.


Read the enthusiastic description of the discovery by yumepinguin himself:

So there I am, fighting a boss. I’m out of vials of blood, one hit from death. The beast is low and I know I only need a couple of combos to win. The beast raises a claw, leaps in, and just before he lands a blow a message appears on the screen, “Someone rated your message as fine”, I get a full heal, and proceed to kill the beast!

Rate those messages people, you never know when it may save a life!

So, it seems, Bloodborne finally gives sense to leave message to gamers. In the previous iteration of the Souls series, in fact, they had become something like a part of the furniture and you didn’t really care about them or even pause your (dangerous) gaming session to stop and read a useless tip.

Let us know if you already knew about this feature and share how you discovered it in the comments section below.