Brand New Elite Controller Coming To Xbox One?

There’s a chance Microsoft is working on a brand new Elite Controller for Xbox One with interchangeable triggers, or at least it seems the Redmond platform holder is working on such possibility as it issued a new patent in the United States. The patent was filed in March 2016, so it seems something could be coming very shortly.

New Xbox One Elite Controller Incoming

This patent has the title “Game Controller with removable trigger accessory”, featuring triggers of different sizes and materials that could adapt properly to a variety and range of games.

“Differently configured removable trigger accessories may have different sizes, materials, ranges of motion, spring tensions, pull weights, and/or finger positions. In one example, such a configuration facilitates the use of differently configured removable trigger accessories that are customized for particular types of video games.”

This new controller could represent an even higher and more customizable experience for hardcore gamers, which makes sense with the idea of Phil Spencer of focusing on providing different ranges of offerings rather than pushing on content-based deals like timed-exclusive DLC and stuff like that.