Link terrifies gorons with his camera in Breath of the Wild

The best way to use the camera feature in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild might just be scaring unsuspecting gorons and documenting their fear.

This is exactly what reddit user Pyrofruit did, finding a goron, scaring the hell out of him, and taking a variety of photos while the poor creature looked on in terror.

Ostensibly, Link’s camera in Breath of the Wild has something to do with collecting lost memories, and it practically functions as a sort of tracking device. But who can be bothered with such trifles when terrorizing the denizens of Hyrule is so much more fun?

Players looking to recreate the scene should note that it isn’t quite as simple as running up to the nearest goron and shoving your camera in their face (or towards their ambiguous loincloth, if you prefer). It has been speculated that the documented effect was likely achieved through the use of a scary mask. Specifically, one of the masks purchasable at the Fang and Bone shop.

This shop, appropriately accessible only at night while outside one of Hyrule’s towns, offers masks that allow Link to masquerade as bokoblins, lizalfos, and other nefarious monsters. These masks then allow Link to pass by his otherwise ornery opponents without incident, so long as it matches the monsters. But they can also be used to seed panic in the heart of Hyrule’s more peaceful citizens, creating great photo opportunities for the discerning player who can bear the guilt of it all.

We’re not here to judge, though. If your goal is rivaling Ganondorf himself in the amount of terror you bring to Hyrule, that’s fine. Just be sure to document and share.