A Brutal Update Is Coming To Dead Cells Very Soon

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Dead Cells, by developer Motion Twin, is a rather excellent game. An interesting fusion of Metroidvania with what would commonly be called “rogue-like” mechanics, I have sank countless hours into since buying in to its Early Access form. The game was already, for me at least, quite difficult, but Motion Twin have promised the upcoming, and aptly titled, Brutal Update will dial that difficulty up a little more.

The update will bring new abilities, weapons and levels to the game, along with new enemies to kill you. It will basically add more sinewy flesh to the bones of what is already a good game. From my point of view, what I will be looking for from the update is something that builds on the remarkable fluidity of the movement and combat in the game. It looks like I will get just that with the wall jumping ability.

Changes to the upgrade system also promise to force players to make tougher choices. In its previous iteration, weapon damage was the choice that always won out with players. This type of upgrade will become rarer, but do more for the player when found. Motion Twin hope the resultant knock on effect will be that players need to make more considered choices about what they are upgrading and why. The full patch notes can be found here for those that are interested.

People who pick up the game on GoG, where it released today and currently has a 25% discount, will have access to the new gubbins right off the bat. Us poor Steam folk will need to wait until Tuesday to get our constantly dying and coming back to life again hands on the Brutal update.