Bungie has acknowledged player complaints about Destiny 2’s endgame


Destiny 2’s developers at Bungie have acknowledged the hardcore community’s loud feedback about the current state of the game’s endgame activities in its weekly blog post.

Over the past few weeks, the more dedicated Destiny players have voiced their displeasure about the game’s lack of grind and unrewarding endgame activities. The developer was silent until today’s “This Week at Bungie” blog post.

“Ever since launch, there has been feedback posted anywhere and everywhere that discussions about Destiny 2 happen on the internet,” said Bungie community manager Cozmo. “I’m always dialed into our own feedback forum, as well all other avenues you travel to share your ideas with us. Some topics are as broad as ‘ways to make the Crucible more fun.’ Some are much more specific, like ‘Add a method to mass delete shaders.'”

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Players shouldn’t get too excited about changes coming overnight, however, as Bungie has no immediate plans or anything further to announce on the subject.

“We’re reading as much of your chatter as we possibly can,” Cozmo said. “There are millions of you, after all. One thing we have noticed is a lot of discussions about the endgame and how it can be improved. Right now, these discussions are also happening in our studio. We are listening, but need time to digest everything and draw up the best plans for the future. We will have more to say on this soon. Please stay tuned, and keep the conversation rolling.”

It’s the first time since launch that the word “endgame” has been said in an official capacity by Bungie, so it’s good to have further confirmation that the team is aware of the feedback.

For now, players can look forward to the PC launch of Destiny 2 on Oct. 24, and the Prestige mode of the Leviathan Raid, which is set to launch on Oct. 18. It was delayed due to an exploit that Bungie knows how to fix, but can’t just yet, because “the short-term solution contains too much risk.”

In short, the Prestige mode will launch as planned, but Bungie will be monitoring those who finish it legitimately to properly reward those who get the first completion of the harder mode.