Bungie has doubled the amount of XP needed to gain a Bright Engram in Destiny 2


Bungie has offered more information about a change to Destiny 2’s XP gains, after attempting to clarify the situation in a blog post last week.

According to Bungie, it now takes 160,000 XP to earn an additional level past the current level cap of 20. That number is double the previous number of 80,000 that existed last week before the developer made changes.

Previously, XP would scale up or down depending on the activity that players were participating in. As of last week, XP gain rates have changed across the board, but the value is consistently displayed in the user interface at the bottom of the screen.

The main reason to grind XP or level up past 20 in Destiny 2 is to earn Bright Engrams. These special engrams hold unique items like shaders, emotes, ships, sparrows, and more. The only way to earn them in the game is to “level up” past level 20, or purchase them with Silver that is bought using real world currency.

An in-game item can be bought with Silver Dust to increase XP gains, and the first three levels of the week are given a “Well Rested” buff to XP gain rate as well. But with the overall increase to the XP needed to gain a level, it appears that players will need to grind more than ever to earn Bright Engrams. Or just buy more Silver.