Bungie Finally Explains Destiny 2.0 Accuracy, Target Acquisition, Aim Assist, Balance and Range

Crucible Radio has interviewed Sandbox Designer Jon Weisnewski, the man responsible for the 2.0 weapon balance patch, who has provided a lot of details about Destiny: The Taken King and the way it works.He answered questions based on community feedback and touched on some major issues currently on player’s mind:

Destiny: The Taken King

  • We should expect more frequent balance updates moving forward. *”Internally at the studio that’s something the sandbox team is committed to. Being more regular with our updates.”
  • There was no intention to nerf hand cannons, or eliminate them from the meta.
  • CR: Are shotguns overpowered? Jon: Yes.”That’s something we’re going to be looking at closely. Really soon, actually.”
  • Trials of Osiris provided an immense amount of information when it came to the metagame and balance. The highly competitive game mode will continue be referenced when considering changes.
  • There was a conscious effort to slow Time to Kill in the 2.0 balance patch.
  • The higher amount of flinch is intentional: Jon sees flinch as a good tool for someone to keep a pesky sniper at bay at least for long enough to escape. “I’m happy with where it is, but it’s not perfect.”
  • The biggest thing Jon explains is what goes into Range, Accuracy, Target Acquisiton, and Aim Assist. He reveals that all of these make up Bungie’s “secret sauce” when it comes to making a shooter that feels great. In 2.0, the “range” stat means more than ever. Range directly applies to accuracy and target acquisition. “If your range is higher, your aim assist is gonna be better.”

Lead designer Luke Smith also explained in an interview that sometimes a certain weapon type “might have its day.”

Though the balance was largely out of whack, it’s not unlikely that we might see certain weapons dominate for a time in the future. Jon agreed with this concept, explaining that a theoretical “perfect balance” would get stale.