Bungie Issues Statement Addressing Destiny 2 Problems

Destiny 2

As promised, Bungie has released a blog post today addressing the community’s concerns about the current state of Destiny 2. While a third stream for the upcoming Curse of Osiris DLC was originally scheduled for today, Bungie clearly considered the situation dire enough to warrant this change in plans.

The State of Destiny 2

Bungie sets the overall tone of their statement by promising to be more communicative and transparent going forward, and doubling down on adding new features to improve the state of the game. Aside from a long list of new features coming during the December 5th and December 12th updates, there are several core areas that will receive special attention:

Both updates combined include improvements set against the following goals:

  • Deepen Rewards for advanced players
  • Provide More Player Control over obtaining rewards
  • Make Shards Useful by adding things to use them for
  • Provide General Quality fixes wherever possible

Two major updates are scheduled for December, containing the following new features that stood out to me.

December 5 Update

Bungie Issues Statement Addressing Destiny 2 Problems
Armor OrnamentsBungie • Fair Use

Armor Ornaments will be added to provide variety to existing Legendary Armor pieces. They will be not be purchased or attained via random drops, but rather will need to be unlocked by performing certain tasks in game.

The following categories of Armor will receive these ornaments:

  • Vanguard Faction Armor
  • Crucible Faction Armor
  • Trials of the Nine Armor
  • Iron Banner Armor
  • Dead Orbit Armor
  • Future War Cult Armor
  • New Monarchy Armor
  • Eater of Worlds Raid Lair Armor

Further enhancements coming on December 5th include the ability to purchase specific mods from the Gunsmith, dismantling rare mods into Gunsmith Materials, and the ability to purchase Legendary Engrams from the Cyptarch.

More general changes to Token drop rates are also coming, including guaranteed Tokens from Cayde’s Treasures, more generous Token drop rates in general, and the Leviathan Raid Tokens will now be redeemed immediately, regardless of whether or not you finish the raid.

To counter-balance this, some of the Token amounts required to gain a new level with the Gunsmith and the Factions will be raised.

December 12 Update

Bungie Issues Statement Addressing Destiny 2 Problems
MasterworkBungie • Fair Use

Following a week after the December 5th update, we can expect another large amount of changes, including some of the following:

  • A new weapon tier called Masterworks will become available on Legendary weapons. These can be found as drops or you can upgrade existing Legendary weapons. A Masterworks weapon will have unique advantages, including re-rollable weapon stats.
  • Faction vendors will begin selling their weapons and armor directly for Legendary Shards.
  • Xur will begin selling Fated Engrams which will decrypt to a random Exotic weapon you do not yet own.
  • A simpler version of Three of Coins will be available to boost Exotic drop rates for 4 hours.

There’s more, but it’s too much to list here. Be sure to read the blog post in its entirety to get all the details.

Clearly some of this content had been in the works for a long time at Bungie, but the recent uproar from the community may have prompted them to speed up the release of some of these new features. Personally, I’m happy to see a lot of issues being addressed, and I expect to have a busy December! Keep an eye on our Destiny 2 Guide Hub for new guides once all this new stuff is available!