Bungie Reveal Curse of Osiris Details During Stream

Destiny 2

Today Bungie began the first stream in a three part offensive to whet your appetite for Curse of Osiris. We knew that the new DLC for Destiny 2 comes out on December 5, takes place on Mercury and involves Osiris and the Vex. Now we know a whole lot more.

The Infinite Forest

Most of the story will seem to center around something called The Infinite Forest. This is a multilayered Vex simulation of reality that they use to garner information about the past, present and future. It would seem that for the purpose of this DLC they seek something withing The Infinite Forrest and Osiris is trying to stop them. The Infinite Forrest can also change each time you are in it, being made of different combinations of set pieces and enemies to fight.

A New Ghost

Bungie Reveal Curse of Osiris Details During Stream
Morena Baccarin • Getty Images

A new character in the DLC will be Sagira, Osiris’ Ghost. This is the first Ghost outside of our own that we will have heard speak in the game, and she will be voiced by Morena Baccarin of Firefly and Deadpool fame. The developers also said on stream that they hope to use the DLC to expand on Ikora and reveal her softer side.

Players have been craving a new Ghost in the Destiny universe ever since the switch from Dinklebot to Nolandroid. While the addition of Osiris’ Ghost should add some much needed variety, we here at TL;DR Games are still holding out hope for a variant of a new ghost that we can actually equip. Failsafe, the Ghost, anyone?

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse will act as a social hub for the DLC. From the life stream it seemed to be more of a playable space than the Tower or Farm, due to the fact that player weapons were drawn when in the area. Brother Vance will be the area’s NPC and will award Lighthouse Engrams. The area also contains a Forge, which will be used after the story is complete, and will allow players to finish quests and create new weapons. Mercury will also have its own bespoke Public Event, which the developers claimed is the biggest, most complex Public Event they have done.

Leviathan Raid Lair

The DLC will see the return of the Heroic Strike playlist, and the introduction of the Raid Lair. The Leviathan Raid, as we know it, will still exist, but further challenges will be available in new areas of the Leviathan ship, including new encounters and boss fights. No exact release date for this new Raid was given.

What we could see on stream certainly looked interesting, and hopefully builds onto the Destiny 2 we currently have to provide fun and interesting new challenges for players. Bungie will once again show off some elements of the new DLC on Twitch on Tuesday, November 21 with a final stream on Wednesday, November 29.