Bungie shares new details on Destiny: NPC companions, upcoming beta, crafting and more

Destiny New Snap 1

Bungie has just released some brand new details regarding their upcoming sci-fi shooter, Destiny. The details were regarding upcoming Destiny beta, NPC companions, crafting and more.

Bungie first confirmed that Destiny will not feature NPC companions. “Why would you want to recruit a Non-Player Character, when the world of Destiny is populated with Guardians?” asked Bungie while answering a fan about companion NPC.

DestinyThe developer further explained: “Every hero from the last safe city on Earth will be driven by a living, thinking player with a racing pulse and an itchy trigger finger”

“You’ll come across characters bound to the software, of course, but your allies will be the other players who join you on your adventures.”

About the much awaited Destiny beta, Bungie said “Enough to tell us what we need to know, but not so much that you’ll be left with no more worlds to conquer.”

“Ever served Bungie as a beta tester? This will be the biggest proving grounds we’ve ever opened up to you before we were go for final launch.”

About crafting in Destiny, Bungie explained: “The Tower will be a place where you can restore and upgrade your weapons and gear.”

“Some of the loot you capture on your missions will be items that you can equip or wield. Other treasures that you reap from the action you sow will be raw materials that you need to upgrade your inventory.”

“The best thing is that your rewards will be pre-destined. The fates know what you need, and your fortunes will favor the brave.”

Bungie’s Destiny is scheduled to launch on September 9, 2014 for Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360. PC version is not yet planned.