Bungie will officially reveal its new IP “Destiny” at GDC 2013

 Bungie will officially reveal its new IP “Destiny” at GDC 2013

Destiny Alpha Screen Day Time

Bungie has just announced that they will officially reveal their upcoming generation-spanning, decade-long project called as Destiny at GDC 2013.

DestinyAs per the details in the convention schedule of GDC 2013, Bungie will be holding an hour-long reveal lecture called “Brave New World: New Bungie IP.”

Joe Staten (design director) and Christopher Barrett (art director) at Bungie will discuss the challenges of building “a whole new world, filled with even more amazing mysteries, places, creatures, and opportunities for player investment.”

Furthermore, both these man from Bungie will also discuss “firm’s battle-tested design process,” along with “their world building techniques, from concept to production.”

GDC 2013 attendees will also get an official glimpse at “the brave new world that has been built, a place where the next ten years of great Bungie adventures will unfold.”

That’s all we have for you guys right now, GDC 2013 is schedule to take place in March. In the meantime, you can check out some leak Destiny concept art HERE.