Bush Hockey League is Out Now on Xbox One


Hockey games are a rare breed. Sure, there’s EA’s NHL series, but while it’s visually pleasing, it has grown stale and needs to address some serious issues. Perhaps it’s time for a return to the good old days of NHL 94 and Blades of Steel, some of the more arcade like hockey games that focused entirely on the fun aspect of the game. Bush Hockey League seeks to fill that void and is now available for the Xbox One platform.

Arcade Style Hockey

One look at the trailer above or the featured image of this article will tell you that Bush Hockey League did not spend its time looking pretty. Like a true hockey player, it’s got bruises and scrapes and probably more than a few missing teeth. Its cell-shaded graphical style leaves room for players to enjoy the fun of big hits, sick dangles, and ridiculous saves. No helmets, bench clearing brawls, and way too many mustaches to count can all be found in the Bush Hockey League.

Let’s have a look at some of the actual features in the game:

  • Play as 10 original teams, honoring hockey’s storied history
  • Story-mode lets you take the down on their luck Schuylkill Hinto Brews from the Bush Hockey League dumps to glory!
  • Score some beamers with your friends in competitive or couch co-op modes
  • Drinking a beer and you don’t want to put it down? No problem! Bush League Hockey has a one-handed beer mode so you sip and rip some slappers.

If the above interest you and you and a few pals would gather around your Xbox One, drink some beers, and play some old-fashioned hockey, then have a look at Bush Hockey League for less than $12 on the Xbox Live Store today.