Cuphead Cagney Carnation Boss Guide: How to Beat Floral Fury

After making your way through the first half of Cuphead’s World 1 bosses, it’s time to take on the second half, and they’re a real doozy. Once you get through them, though, you’re home free, and on your way to the next world. Hilde Berg may have been a frustrating time, but Cagney Carnation can be a downer if you don’t know what to do. Here’s how you can take him out quickly by plowing past both of his phases. 

Phase 1: Happy Cagney 

Screengrab via Boss Fight Database/YouTube [Fair Use](

Cagney Carnation’s fight starts out innocently enough, with a huge carnation who appears to be super into dancing and making extravagant movements to the music. As he sambas, keep peppering him with hits, then avoid the colorful seeds that fly down and hurt you. They’ll take plenty of health away if they hit you, so make sure you avoid them at all costs. 

Cagney will also stretch along the top or bottom half of the screen, taking up the entirety of the area. Make sure you jump out of the way as soon as you see this coming. Watch out for the bottom of the screen too, as the seeds that end up getting planted that you miss can grow up to attack you if you’re not careful. 

This first face forces you to dance around the stage much like Cagney himself at the beginning, using some fancy footwork. Make sure you don’t stay in one place too long while on the floating platforms. 

Phase 2: Angry Cagney 

Screengrab via Boss Fight Database/YouTube [Fair Use](

The second half of the boss fight begins with Cagney changing forms. He’ll get bigger and angrier, with his expression changing to show razor-sharp teeth and his vines peeping through the ground below. During this phase, he’ll send roots whipping across the bottom of the screen, so stay on the platforms to keep yourself safe. Sometimes, however, the roots will creep up through the platforms and attach themselves there. You’ll be attacked several times in this way. Cagney will also position himself to shoot out smaller flower blossoms at you, which you need to avoid. 

Keep sending shots Cagney’s way and eventually he’ll fold, which will lead you into the next boss battle so you can totally annihilate the next boss on tap, Ribby and Croaks. You’re just about there! Don’t give up now!