Call of Duty: Black Ops Hacker Worst hit by PS3 Firmware Update 3.56

The latest PS3 Firmware update 3.56 which was released yesterday by Sony and termed as “Security Update” has started showing its effect (permanent ban) on hackers and modders. Worst hit by this firmware update are the hackers of Call of Duty: Black Ops as they got banned permanently from Call of Duty console server.

Black Ops

Many of them expressed their innocence on official PS3 Black Ops forum, we got you just a glimpse of some of the threads about this topic check them out below:


Hi i have been banned for black ops when i click online it says you have been Prem banned from B.O but i didnt do anything to get banned what i did my m8 said he was 15th yea and i said let me go on ur acc then if ur 15th so i just went on his acc and he was 15th and then deleted the user then the next day when i went on my account that message came up my psn is FoRzA-MoNsTeR I am 6th prestige on B.o legit my KD is 1.79 and my wins to losses is 1.14 and a 124 winstreak i did not boost at all please unban me.


I was playin Black Ops and seached for a game of search and destroy, i just prestiged 4 da 4th time and entered a modded lobby. Ileft straight away when i relised wat it waz next thing i no i banned and reset.Has this r something similair happened to u???


I dont know what happened i was just playin it normally. i installed the patch and played for a while and I went to have my shower and when i came back i was permanently banned! Somone please get me unbanned! It might of been my frineds though because i lent him my ps3 a couple of days ago because his ps3 got YLOD…