Call of Duty: Ghosts PC Guide: Fix For Freeze, 6GB RAM Requirement, Frame Rate, Lag And More


The PC port of Call of Duty: Ghosts didn’t have best of the launch as gamers reported freeze, crash, shutters, lag and tons of other nasty issues such as 6 GB RAM requirement and more.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Guide

Infinity Ward is working really hard to address all the above mention issue via patch, but this will take time and so if you can’t wait for that much time then take a look at below guide providing all community solutions for Call of Duty: Ghosts RAM, lag, freeze, crash, shuttering issues.

Fix For Nasty 6GB RAM Requirement Issue:

If you are facing 6GB RAM requirement error while trying to launch Call of Duty: Ghosts, make use of Steam006′s fix. It removes 6GB RAM limitation from CoD: Ghosts and will let you play the game even if you don’t meet minimum PC requirements.

We can’t post download link to CoD: Ghosts RAM fix by Steam006, but you can search and download it, its’ developed by Russian underground hacking group ‘CS.RIN.RU’

UPDATE November 11, 2013: NEW Unofficial Fix Released By Modder Master1311

Take a look at this new unofficial fix for CoD: Ghosts 6GB RAM Requirement from Modder “Master1311”, it not only fix the issue but also makes available singleplayer and multiplayer portion of the game that too without making changes to any of the game’s .exe files, download fix HERE.

Temporary Fix for Random Freezes in Call of Duty: Ghosts

The easiest and simplest way to fix random freezing and performance related issue in Call of Duty: Ghosts is to download and install latest 331.65 Game Ready WHQL drivers from Nvidia. You can download it directly from HERE.

How To Fix Call of Duty Ghosts Lag

Lag are mostly related to internet connection, but if it is working fine, all you need to do is setting priority of Call of Duty: Ghosts to NORMAL level, Go to task manager and set CoD: Ghosts process as normal.

How To Fix Call of Duty Ghosts Stuttering

Disabling Fraps and Steam in-game overlay will help out fixing shuttering issues in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Furthermore, we also advice you guys not to play Call of Duty: Ghosts on setting which your monitor can’t handle out. In addition to all these, we also advice you guys to set Texture Filtering to “Automatic” option.

How To Fix Call of Duty Ghosts Low FPS

Almost on all platforms Call of Duty: Ghosts is suffering from low frame rate issues, Infinity Ward has already stated that patch for it is already in development, but in the meantime you can try out the following community fix:

Closing all background applications like Fraps/Dxtory and Running the game processes on normal priority.