Call of Duty: WWII Players Are Annoyed With Awful Loading Time

One of the major issues that Call of Duty: WWII players are experiencing right now is Server Connectivity, but the good news is that due to a great co-ordination between Activision and Sledgehammer Games within few hours time it is getting fixed. However, there is another issue that is giving the sleepless night to Call of Duty: WWII – and fix for it is going to take a bit of time to arrive.

Call of Duty: WWII Long Loading Time

The issue that we are talking about is “Long Loading Time” – it is taking too long while initial loading into the multiplayer and leaving a game takes so long on the loading screen. Why and What exactly is the root cause of this issue? According to the details discovered by Reddit user “SaintDefault” – Call of Duty: WWII long loading time is due to the fact that the game makes player Load the HQ every single time.

Here’s the complete post of “SaintDefault” detailing what exactly the issue and how Sledgehammer and Activision can get it fixed:

“After every game, you are forced to reload the entire HQ map. This is also why initial loading into multiplayer and leaving a game takes so long on the loading screen. It makes you load the HQ every. single. time.

They need to change this ASAP or the player base will begin to die. No one wants to log on and play 2 games in 35 minutes. They need to give an option to NOT load into HQ automatically. This will make the loading in WWII like every other CoD. Then, when you want to enjoy the HQ, you can CHOOSE to load into it. That way you can get all your challenges done and get everything ready, go to the HQ once every few hours, and deal with the loading very minimally.”

At the time of writing this, the post got 941 upvotes (97%) on WWII subreddit, a clear indication that the issue is indeed legit and players are getting frustrated with each passing day. Sledgehammer needs to get things go as soon as possible.

Source: Reddit