You Can Preload Destiny 2 on PC Right Now

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is the first time PC players will be able to play the space shooter-looter on their mighty rigs. If you are chomping at the bit to do so, you can sooth your gums by preloading it now. To preload, you must, obviously, preorder and then download the app. From there, simply go to the Activision portion on the left hand side where Destiny 2 will be sat in all its glory.

The game launches on PC on October 24th at various times around the world. Bungie were nice enough to provide this map to help you out. Destiny 2 on PC promises to bring all kinds of visual improvements to the game including an actual FOV, which has me very excited. The game will support high frame rates, 4K resolution and all the beautiful graphics options you would expect from a PC title. For a list of minimum and recommended system requirements, you can read our helpful article, or if you are thinking of making the leap to PC then check out some possible builds.

You Can Preload Destiny 2 on PC Right Now
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If you are unsure about buying into the game, then maybe our review will help you make up your mind. I could rabbit on about why I am so happy to see Destiny 2 come to PC, but you might as well check out Jan’s article about just that.