Capcom: “3DS could take inspiration from Apple”

Haruhiro Tsujimoto, CEO of Capcom, Nintendo has suggested that it could adopt a new business model with the release of 3DS, after inspiration from the success of Apple.

“Of course, it allows us to do things that couldn’t be done until now, so the development staff is showing great interest, but what’s important is how much the users themselves want 3D content,” Says the senior executive on the new handheld console, which is expected to be presented next week at E3.

“What we’re more looking forward to is the offering of a new business model, Nintendo has been in the hardware business for a long time, and I believe they must be looking closely at Apple’s recent success. We third parties are paying attention to Nintendo’s E3 3DS announcement because of this point as well.” Concludes Tsujimoto.