Capcom will be bringing Ace Attorney games to Switch


If you’ve been hoping for Capcom to bring the Ace Attorney series to the Nintendo Switch for some time, you may have just gotten your wish. 

A recent interview with Capcom’s Haruhiro Tsujimoto from Japanese publication Jiji confirmed that a deluge of additional Nintendo Switch titles are on the way in the near future, namely new games in the Ace Attorney series. The Wall Street Journal’s Takashi Mochizuki gave a brief translated summary via his Twitter account today, which is big news for fans looking for more of Phoenix Wright and the rest of the Ace Attorney clan.


There’s no current roadmap in place for Nintendo Switch titles, however, such as names, plots, or proposed dates for the games. They’re believed to launch sometime after April in 2018. 

But while there’s scant information what Capcom plans to do with the Ace Attorney series on the Switch, the news alone that something is happening is enough to set fans hearts aglow. Hopefully additional details are coming down the pipeline soon. The Switch is in dire need of some courtroom drama, and not the kind that comes from Hulu.