Carmack Finally Comments On Facebook/Oculus Deal: “Its Going To Be Positive, Facebook Won’t Interfere/Control Oculus”

Recently Facebook bought “Oculus Virtual Reality” for whooping 2 Billion Dollar deal. A lot of developers and fans were unhappy with the acquisition and accused Palmer of selling out his firm just of $$$.

Oculus Virtual Reality HeadsetLegendary John Carmack has finally broken his silence and put forward his views on Facebook-Oculus Acquisition deal. Via Twitter, Carmack stated that this deal is going to be positive and added that he understands why there’s so much of hue-cry regarding it.

“Everyone has had some time to digest the FB deal now. I think it is going to be positive, but clearly many disagree.” said Carmack and continued:
“Much of the ranting has been emotional or tribal, but I am interested in reading coherent viewpoints about objective outcomes.”

Carmack further clarified that Facebook won’t interfere/control Oculus Virtual Reality until and unless it faces some major issue and this is why this deal is worthy.

“I would expect Facebook to not exert any overt control over Oculus unless Oculus fumbles badly a few times, at which point they SHOULD.”
“I think they can give us a lot of positive guidance. I want enumeration of the vague evils to beware of.”

There you have it folks, do you agree with the views of John Carmack on Facebook/Oculus deal? Share your views with us in the comment section below.

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