How to catch fish in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp


Catching fish in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a lot easier than catching fish in real life. Plus, there’s a whole lot less waiting around.

There are a few areas for fishing in Pocket Camp, the Lost Lure Creek or Saltwater Shores. In each of these areas, your character will automatically get our her fishing rod. There are no extra steps for equipping the fishing rod. You’ll see shadows of fish in the water in both areas in a variety of different sizes.

To cast your line into the water, tap the fish. You’ll want to get close enough to the fish’s head for it to notice the line. Once it has, it’ll tap it a few times before an exclamation point pops up on screen. Tap the fish to catch it. If you’re not right on time, the fish will get away.

These are all the fish you can catch in Pocket Camp.

Lost Lure Creek

  • Black bass (rare)
  • Crucian carp (common)
  • Koi (rare)
  • Pale chub (common)
  • Rainbow trout (rare)
  • Yellow perch (common)

Saltwater Shores

  • Blowfish (very rare)
  • Football fish (very rare)
  • Horse mackerel (common)
  • Olive flounder (common)
  • Red snapper (rare)
  • Squid (common)
  • Tuna (very rare)

You can also use a fishing net at each location’s dock to catch a lot of fish at once. There are a few different options available depending on the kind of fish you want to catch. If you don’t have fishing nets available, you’ll have to buy them using Leaf Tickets.